Kanban Reports

Process management is a midway to success. The second midway is process monitoring and drawing conclusions. In Kanban, there are indicators, which enable process monitoring. They allow the team to improve the process. My favourite indicators are as follows: Delivery time – time for the entire flow Throughput – how many tasks are included in a …

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Kanban Bottlenecks

Queues and WIP limits, which I discussed in the previous posts,  make up a chief indicator of problems in the flow. They show bottlenecks and when they are going to form. Bottlenecks are noticeable by an accumulation of work before them, and when in the queues after them there are no tasks. The board below …

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Kanban Workflow

In the preceding Kanban post, I wrote about partially done work. I wrote that it is worth limiting partily done work. The WIP (Work In Progress) which is too high results in the fact that some work is not performed, and the WIP which is too low causes that some people are without work. It …

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Partially Done Work

In the previous posts, I discussed the tasks and the board in Kanban. In order to be productive, you must focus on one task at a time. Kanban facilitates this process and defines the term of partially done work. Partially done work in Kanban is the number of tasks fulfilled at the same time. The …

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Kanban Tasks

In the previous entry, I wrote about the task board in Kanban. Now I will add some words about tasks and task cards. Kanban tasks are specified by means of a card. Many people prefer cards on a physical board. Others like electronic boards. Both processes are good. What matters here is the content of the …

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Kanban Board

In the earlier entry on kanban.  I wrote about its assumptions. Today, I would like to describe a fundamental element of kanban: a board. This board presents: Who works on what What you are working on How many tasks are fulfilled at the same time. The board visualises the degree of task fulfilment. I will …

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