Terms and Conditions


1. The owner and administrator of the wolski.pro and michael.wolski.pro/edu websites is the MODESTO Michał Wolski company (referred to as MODESTO), with its registered office at ul. Okrężna 21, 05-506 Magdalenka, Poland. NIP (EU Tax ID): 521-280-85-02, Regon (National Registration No.): 140644737, hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”.

2. The users are natural and legal persons as well as organizational units without a legal personality that order the services, hereinafter referred to as “Users”.

3. The Seller is a party to the sales contract concluded with the User and appears on a VAT invoice or other document confirming the sale as a seller of the services ordered by the User.


1. The Seller provides the User with a service consisting in providing an online course, recording of a webinar, and other resources at the domain wolski.pro, hereinafter referred to as (“Service”).

2. To use the Service, the User must meet the following minimum requirements: Having a computer with a web browser that allows the User to browse the web.

    • Enabled cookies in the browser.
    • Being able to play video materials, e.g. YouTube.com, vimeo.com.
    • Having installed applications that allow reading of Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Word (version 2013 and newer), Microsoft Excel (version 2013 and newer).

3. Some exercises can require using the Enterprise Architect application by Sparx Systems LTD or other software.

4. The seller does not provide the aforementioned hardware and software.

5. Webinars are an integral part of the selected training.

6. The User cannot share their login and password with other people.

7. The User, without the Seller’s written consent, cannot publicly distribute and reproduce recordings that constitute all or part of the service. Dissemination of electronic products by the User without the consent of the Seller constitutes an infringement of copyrights of the Seller to electronic products and may result in civil or criminal liability as well as an immediate cessation of the provision of services by the Seller.

8. By placing an order for a paid product, the User is obliged to provide, in order to issue relevant accounting documents (e.g. invoices), information such as: name, surname (or company name), address, NIP (in the case of an invoice). This provision does not apply to free services.


1. Use of the Service is possible after the proper conclusion of the Agreement in accordance with the following procedure:

    • The User places an order via the Service website, the
    • User receives an email confirming the order, the
    • User makes a payment for the service,
    • after the payment is received, an email with confirmation is sent, and access to the service is granted.

2. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period, which means that the User obtains unlimited access to the purchased course.

3. The contract may be terminated by either Party, with a one-month notice, without giving reasons.

4. The seller, in the event of termination of business or change of business, guarantees access to the course for a minimum of one year from the date of purchase of the course.

5. In the case of a free training, using the Service does not require a payment for the order.


1. The order is made by filling out the form available at the website wolski.pro.

2. The User bears all responsibility for correctly completing the order form.

3. To each purchase, a purchase confirmation or a VAT invoice, depending on the preferences of the User, is attached in the form of a PDF file.

4. By choosing a VAT invoice, the User confirms that they agree on the Seller issuing a VAT invoice without the Issuer’s signature and agree to receive the invoice electronically.

5. When ordering, the User’s e-mail address is saved on a special newsletters’ list. The newsletters concern the ordered service and the entire platform and are used for efficient communication between the Seller and Users. The messages may contain information about service updates, temporary unavailability of the service, changes in the form and shape of the service, and commercial offers. The Newsletter can be unsubscribed at any time. The newsletters are handled by: MailerLite belonging to UAB “MailerLite”, Paupio st. 46, LT-11341 Vilnius, Lithuania


1. If the User is an EU (European Union) citizen, they will pay for the Service in  EUR (Euros). The price indicated in the price list shall be increased by the amount of the VAT tax applicable in the User’s country of residence. If the User is a company based in the EU outside of Poland and have an EU-registered valid VAT-number, it will not be charged the VAT tax. If the User lives outside of the EU, they will pay in USD (American Dollars) or EUR (Euros) and these prices will not include the VAT tax.

2. The payment card operator and online payment provider is PAYPAL Inc. 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 9513, United States

3. Invoices and confirmations of purchase are issued by Web INnovative Software Sp. z oo ul. Bolesława Krzywoustego 105/21 51-166 Wrocław KRS 0000342082, NIP 8982167294 operating under the brand wFirma, the

4. Seller is not liable for any problems resulting from delays caused by third parties (banks, payment systems, mail, etc.).


1. If the User does not achieve the expected results after completing the course, the User can use the 100% refund within 30 days of starting the course.

2. To receive a 100% refund within 30 days from the end of the course, the User must meet the following conditions: take active participation in all course lessons, view and listen to all available materials, and complete the set of exercises attached to each course lesson.

3. According to the Polish law, if the User purchases a product as a natural person (consumer), they are entitled to withdraw from the contract, without giving reasons, within 14 days from the date of the contract (purchase). Under the law, however, the User cannot withdraw from the contract:

  • in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market, over which the Seller has no control, and which may occur before the deadline to withdraw from the contract;
  • in which the object of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the Consumer’s specification or serving to satisfy their individual needs;
  • in which the object of the service is an item subject to rapid deterioration or having a short shelf-life;
  • in which the object of the service is an item delivered in a sealed package, which cannot be returned due to health protection or hygiene reasons if the packaging was opened after delivery;
  • in which the subject of the service are items that after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other things;
  • in which the object of the service are sound or visual recordings or computer software delivered in a sealed package if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
  • for delivery of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium, if the use began with the Consumer’s express consent before the deadline for withdrawal and after the Consumer agreed to forfeit their right to withdraw from the contract;
  • for delivering dailies, periodicals, or magazines, except for a subscription agreement

4. All applications are considered individually.


1. The User bears full responsibility for the proper completion of the service registration form.

2. The service is provided by the Seller on a continuous basis, and any breaks or errors should be reported to the Seller using the contact form, which is available at https://michael.wolski.pro/edu/kontakt.

3. Detailed rules for collecting, processing, and storing personal data used for the purpose of the orders are described in the Privacy Policy, which can be found at https://michael.wolski.pro/edu/polityka-prywatnosci.

4. None of the provisions of these regulations are intended to infringe on the User’s rights. They cannot be interpreted in this way either, because, in the event of any incompatibility of any part of the regulations with applicable law, the Seller declares absolute compliance and application of this law in place of the challenged provision of the regulations.

5. The current version of the regulations is always available to the User at https://michael.wolski.pro/edu/regulamin.

6. In matters not covered by these regulations, the applicable legal provisions apply. The dispute issues are considered by the local court and out-of-court .

7. Seller agrees to submit any disputes arising in connection with the contract through mediation. Details will be determined by the parties to the conflict.

8. The User who is a Consumer has the option of using extrajudicial means of handling the complaints and pursuing claims. Among other things, the User who is a consumer has the option to:

    • return to the permanent arbitration court of the Consumer with a request for resolution of a dispute arising from the contract,
    • ask the provincial inspector of Trade Inspection to initiate mediation proceedings on the amicable settlement of the dispute between the User and the Seller
    • benefit from the help of a county (municipal) consumer rights lawyer or social organization, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection.

9. For more detailed information on out-of-court complaint and redress procedures, the User may search the website http://www.uokik.gov.pl.

10. An online platform for settling disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs at the EU level (ODR platform) is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. The ODR platform is an interactive and multilingual website with a one-stop shop for consumers and entrepreneurs seeking out-of-court settlement of a dispute regarding contractual obligations arising from an online sales contract or service contract.

Terms of Service were last updated: November 15, 2018.

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