What will be the price of the course?

I love to share my knowledge. Some of the courses will be free. Some of them will be paid courses. The price is always given on the page with the list of courses or in the description of the course.

Will the course be updated in the future, and if so, will it be paid upgrade?

You only pay for the course once. After paying a one-time fee, you will gain access to a closed website where all lessons and additional materials will be made available to you. You will have access to the course for a minimum of one year and you will not pay anything extra – even if I add additional materials and information to it.

Is it worth buying a course if there is the wolski.pro blog?

If you have read articles on my blog and they have helped you in your own work, then there is absolutely no need to buy any course on this site.

Will the course be available immediately or will subsequent materials appear systematically?

All materials made available as part of the courses are available immediately after its purchase or after the registration for free courses.

Will I be able to take the course again after “going through” it all or, for example, if I miss one of the days, can I return to it?

Yes. Any person who enrolls in the course will have access to it for a minimum of one year.

If I have access to the course, will it be possible to consult you personally?

In free courses, generally it will not. That is why I created a course so that many people could benefit from my knowledge, experience, and tips.
In paid courses, this option is possible. The scope of our communication will be determined individually in each course. I want to guarantee that all my attention will be devoted to your issues.

Will the course be available in the form of recordings and can it be played at any chosen time or will there be a set timeframe? Will it be possible to come back to the recordings?

All training material is made available in the form of recordings. This is intentional – you can play the material when it is convenient to you. You can also return to the materials at any time. They will always be available to you  – for a minimum of one year from the time of enrollment.

Will I receive an invoice for the purchase of the course?

When buying paid courses: Yes. If you need an invoice, when you order the course, you can check the appropriate box and provide complete invoice details. Within a few days of successfully paying for the order, you will receive an invoice in a PDF format via e-mail. Other people with receive a non-fiscal receipt as a proof of purchase.

Can I pause the course for a few days?

Of course! You can pause the course at any time and continue it at any time.

When does the sale of the course start?

The course is sold all the time. You can sign up for a free course and selected paid ones at any convenient time. Some paid corses will be made available for enrolment at certain times.

Can I download the course to my computer?

If I upload any files to download in the course, they will be available to you. The videos, of course, remain on the site.

Can I return a paid course?

Of course. You have 30 days to return a paid course. If you think that the course did not help you in any way and you report to me within 30 days of buying the course, I will refund you the FULL amount. If there are exercises to do you have to show me that all the materials have been watched and all the exercises have been made.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay for the paid courses on the sales page of the course. You can pay via PayPal.

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