The course is designed for all those who are interested in preparing reports directly from Enterprise Architect.

If you copy diagrams from Enterprise Architect to the text editor, then the course is perfect for you.

You can use the course whenever you want, anywhere in the world. Anytime. All you need is the internet access.

You get access to the course for a minimum of one year. You can watch the videos at a convenient time.

Price: 49€ /57$ (excl. tax)


My name is Michael Wolski and I have been working with broadly defined software engineering for over a decade.

I specialize in business process modeling, corporate architecture, requirements management, and design of information systems.

I use Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems daily. I am modeling using the notations UML, BPMN, ArchiMate. I supplement the CASE tools and notations with good practices offered by the Rational Unified Process, Essential Unified Process, SCRUM, Agile Modeling, and TOGAF.

I share my knowledge at:

Why was this course created?

As a person working with broadly defined software engineering, I often encounter the problem with preparing reports from Enterprise Architect.

If you create documentation based on models made in Enterprise Architect, this course is perfect for you.

I adapted the scope of the course so that the knowledge and presented solutions can be easily absorbed by a slightly wider audience, not exclusively from the IT industry.

The course consists of 10 video lessons. You will not find any theory in it. I also post the EAP files on which I have worked. All templates are made available to you.

Course content

  • Structure of the repository
  • Reports Based on Existing Templates
      • Template Export
      • Template Import
  • HTML Reports
  • Custom Document Templates
      • Cover
      • Table of Contents
      • The First Custom Report
  • Virtual documents
      • List of Requirements in the Table
      • Reporting of Tagged Value
      • An Advanced Use Case Report
      • Scenarios of Use Cases
      • Creating a Virtual Document
      • Adding Chapters to a Virtual Document
      • Adding Subchapters to a Virtual Document
      • Assigning Templates to Chapters
      • Creating a Main Document Template
      • Assign a Master Template to a Document
  • Fragments and Filters in Reports
      • Creating a Duplicate Report
      • A Fragment With an Actor
      • Filtering Elements
      • An Intermediary Fragment
      • Nesting a Fragment in a Fragment
      • Filtering by Relationships
      • Text Description in Reports
      • Linked Document in Reports
      • Adding Text descriptions to Reports
  • Template Selector
  • Diagram Generation Options and Additional  Filters
      • Hiding Diagrams on Reports
      • Rotating Diagrams on Reports
      • Dividing Large Diagrams into Several Pages
      • Change the Orientation of the Page with the Diagram
      • Filtering Elements – Statuses
      • Hiding Elements Without Descriptions
      • Sorting Items on Reports
  • SQL Queries Inside Enterprise Architect
      • Adding a Fragment to the SQL Report
      • Addition of SQL Query
  • Reporting Directly From the Database

The course provides a number of useful information on the automatic generation of documentation from Enterprise Architect.


I carefully walked through the entire course, at the same time building my first configuration for printing a complete document for the client.
This course is a great, practical introduction to a very extensive subject.


The big advantage of the course is the ability to directly use the obtained knowledge to create your own printout templates already during the course, immediately after watching the lesson. I appreciate the number of practical examples presented during the training, which helped me create EA reports easier.


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