Learn the basics of use case modeling

The course is for students and novice system analysts.

This course is also dedicated to all those who need to read the specification of use cases.

If you need to prepare use cases in Enterprise Architect, the practical module is perfect for you.
In the course, I present the basics of modeling use cases. 

You can use the course whenever you want, anywhere in the world. Anytime. All you need is the internet access.
You get access to the course for a minimum of one year.

You can easily finish it at any time.


My name is Michael Wolski and I have been working with broadly defined software engineering for over a decade.

I specialize in business process modeling, corporate architecture, requirements management, and design of information systems.

I use Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems daily. I am modeling using the notations UML, BPMN, ArchiMate. I supplement the CASE tools and notations with good practices offered by the Rational Unified Process, Essential Unified Process, SCRUM, Agile Modeling, and TOGAF.

I share my knowledge at: wolski.pro

Why was this course created?

As a person working with broadly defined software engineering, I often encounter the problem with preparing the specification of requirements. Significant difficulty is caused by the use cases.

If you need to write a couple of use cases or start reading the specification of requirements of a system with use cases, then this course is perfect for you.

I adapted the scope of the course so that the knowledge and presented solutions can be easily absorbed by a slightly wider audience, not exclusively from the IT industry.

The course consists of 7 video lessons. In addition to the theory, the course offers an example of the preparation of use cases in Enterprise Architect 14.

Course content

  • Introduction to Use CaseModeling
  • Actor
  • Use Cases
  • Describing the Use Case
  • Writing Good Use Cases
  • Realizations of Use Cases
  • Enterprise Architect – Repository Structure (tutorial)
  • Use Cases in Enterprise Architect 14


I recommend this course to people who start their adventure with use cases. The author clearly guides the listener through all the essential issues related to the issue. Knowledge is transmitted in an accessible way and the example of modeling of use cases presented here is very informative. I recommend!


The course is perfect for people starting their adventure with use cases. Having a few hours to prepare for the first encounter with use cases, I could not get any better. Numerous materials on the Internet have overwhelmed me with the amount of information that has stirred up my mind and then the course of Michael came to the rescue. He explained the questionable issues, gathered all knowledge and systematized it. Congratulations on the idea for the course and its implementation.


The course very simply presents the idea and the possibility of using the use cases in system modeling. Presents the most important issues related to use cases in a clear and accessible way. Thanks to compliment the course with examples in Enterprise Architect, he makes the use of use cases easier. I definitely recommend it!


This is my beginning on the road of use cases and I can definitely recommend this course! Many things have become clearer and clearer for me, for which I thank you.


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