My Favorite Perspectives in Enterprise Architecture Modeling

On Open Group pages a number of ArchiMate perspectives are presented. Using them all in a given organization is an obvious misunderstanding. I wrote very often about the fact that in each project you should select several diagrams with which the system will be described. In the case of Archimate – the main language for enterprise architecture modeling, such perspectives (diagrams) should also be chosen. Today I decided to share my favorite perspectives for describing artifacts related to enterprise architecture. The presented models are models with a low level of complexity, as their aim is to present the type of perspective.

Business perspective

The business perspective presents business processes at a high level of abstraction. I use it to show the relationship between one or more business processes and their surroundings. The main goal of this activity is to present: occasional / temporary relationships between the basic business processes in the organization, links between business processes and business functions, and the use of shared data. Very often ( not always) processes are successfully combined into a sequence.

Application perspective

This diagram presents application services offered by individual components / systems. A diagram of this type is useful in the process of high-level design of application behavior and identification of whether some functionality is not duplicated by various applications. I often try to show system data objects on such a diagram.

Technological perspective

The technology perspective is more and more popular – if you can express it. The diagram contains elements of the infrastructure that support the application layer, such as physical devices, networks or system software (operating systems, database management systems).

Multilayer perspective

Multilayered perspectives are diagrams connecting the above-mentioned layers and models. My favorites include: Mapping of information system architecture artifacts to business architecture

Enterprise Architecture Modeling - Multilayer perspective

Using this diagram I present how to use the application to implement one or more business processes and how it is used by other applications. This point of view can be used to design applications by identifying the application services that are needed for business processes, as well as for designing business processes by describing available application services that they can use. Mapping of information system architecture artifacts to technology architecture

Thanks to this diagram I can show how applications are supported by infrastructure elements (hardware and software). This point of view is important in terms of analysis to ensure adequate performance and scalability. It is helpful in defining performance and quality requirements for infrastructure, based on the requirements of individual applications that use this infrastructure.

Data mapping

Enterprise Architecture Modeling - Data mapping

Using this perspective, I present the information structure used in the organization or in specific business processes. With this perspective, I can present how elements of the business layer are represented at the application layer (for example, customer data in the application x are used in several business objects such as contract, invoice).

 The perspectives indicated above do not exhaust the catalog of diagrams used in the enterprise architecture modeling. It is in my opinion a base for further works in which artifacts describing enterprise architecture will be mapped to architectural requirements and other artifacts derived from the specification of information systems and BPMN models. I will try to present these mappings in next post.

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